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Leaked Document Shows George Soros Plan to Overthrow Russian Government

Some might term George Soros’ agenda as neo-liberal, or globalist, but whatever term is used to describe it, the purpose is to destabilize nation-states and merge them under supra-national control. He’s had a good measure of success, unfortunately. Ukraine would be a good example where he teamed up with the hapless Barack Obama and others to overthrow the legitimately elected government and replace it with a regime that is hostile to Russia and friendly to globalist interests. He has also made progress, sadly, in Europe.

Documents such as the US Constitution are particular targets of Mr. Soros as, when properly understood and implemented, they provide a bulwark of liberty that defends against the machinations of this man. Obama was no friend of our Constitution, and neither was Hillary, hence they received enormous support from Soros organizations, which made some progress in corrupting our justice system. The election of Donald Trump is a major setback for Mr. Soros — and that’s reason enough to celebrate Trump’s victory.

Russia is another problem for Soros. While we are not necessarily apologists for Mr. Putin, the fact remains that his administration presents additional problems for Soros as he attempts to fulfill his agenda before he shuffles off this mortal coil. More on page two.

The name George Soros should be synonymous with terms such as globalism, neo-liberalism, leftist, and a number of darker terms that are best left unsaid. In his efforts to establish a world order according to his beliefs, destroying nations, overthrowing governments, stirring up racial hatred, and bankrupting countries are all tools he is very willing to use. With his billions, he can well afford to create havoc worldwide. As such, he is a danger to people who value personal liberty everywhere.

Thanks to the work of groups like DC Leaks, information on the nefarious plans of his have come to the surface.

The recent DC Leaks, of over 2,500 documents from George Soros NGOs, has shed a bright light on how the billionaire uses his vast wealth to create global chaos in an never ending push to deliver his neo-liberal euphoria to the peasant classes.

Keep in mind that Soros funds other organizations that will pursue his agenda through his own groups such as the Open Society Foundation.

He’s a powerful force with which to reckon, but at least one nation has been able to shut down his efforts, at least so far.

[O]ne country that Soros has not bee able to crack has been The Russian Federation.

Russia’s political pragmatism and humanist value system rooted in a traditional, “nation-state” culture most likely infuriates Soros.

Russia is Soros’ white whale… a creature he has been trying to capture and kill-off for nearly a decade.

Unfortunately for Soros (and fortunately for the entire planet) the Russian government realised the cancerous nature of Soros backed NGOs, and took the proper preventative measures…which in hindsight, and after reviewing the DC Leaks memos, proved to be a very wise move.

So, in effect, Putin closed down Soros’ attempt to destabilize Russia by booting the NGOs he finances out of the country. Score one for Mr. Putin in defending his nation against this tyrant:

Mr. Soros may have been beaten so far, but he is not ready to give up on a take-over of Russia. Here is a list of tactics proposed by his groups and financed by Soros himself.

The document details in an extensive bullet point list, “what must be done” to destabilize Russia, focusing on many recurrent neo-liberal themes that Soros uses to infect host nations and overturn governments…

– Political prisoners (Bolotnaya, etc.)
– Media censorship and control (pressure in independent media – work w/ NMP)
– Surveillance
– LGBT (push against propaganda laws, which are driven by local officials, not by the federal gov’t)
– Women’s rights
– Disability rights and inclusive education

– Lots of funding is going to monitoring; where is our money best placed?
– ONKs don’t have sufficient $ for travel and legal representation

Policing and police violence (Public Verdict, Man and Law, etc.)


Transparency and accountability
– State spending – monitoring, analysis
– Tracking cross-border transactions and business purchases
– Connections between accountability, human rights, and ordinary citizens’ interests

This is precisely why this man must be vigorously exposed and resisted in the United States lest we lose our liberties and become just one more trophy for Mr. Soros’ collection. Donald Trump’s victory over Soros-backed Hillary Clinton, was of far more value and significance than most realize.

Source: ZeroHedge


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