Trump Sues to Stop AT&T – Time Warner Merger


The upcoming merger of two of the largest media providers in the country, AT&T and Time Warner is setting alarm bells ringing for the president as questions loom over monopolies and anti-trust issues. President Trump has sued t stop the merger taking place citing that the estimated  $85 billion merger would place ‘too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.’

And this is the purpose of anti-trust laws. If one private company get s too much control over the media (tv, radio, and print combined in this case), they would be able to exert undue influence over the public. We already have a media that is firmly anti-Trump and anti-Trump voter, and there are very few outlets that provide balanced and fair reporting, it is a disservice to the American people to have them confined to only one source of news.

A DOJ official spoke on Monday about how the merger would make it all but impossible for smaller organizations to get access to content. He said: “We believe, and our investigation has found, the merger would harm competition, resulting in higher bills and less innovation for millions of American consumers.”

AT&T’s legal counsel, David McAtee condemns the president’s decision saying: “We are confident that the Court will reject the Government’s claims and permit this merger under longstanding legal precedent.”

We know that the majority of the media supports leftist causes. And we know that they are happy to try and shape opinion through their programming. Thi legal action by Trump is the one chance we have to block the pernicious takeover of the US media by groups who have an agenda that does not support the constitution.