Polling Looks Bad for Trump – But What’s the Real Story


The leftist media delights in spinning polls that show how badly President Trump is doing. But the reality is that the polls are specifically designed to make him look bad and show poor reception figures.

Even with all the twisting and conniving, Trump’s support base remains strong with at least 80% fully behind him and his platform. But how do the polls on approval and disapproval get twisted in the first place?

The first aspect is who is being polled. Pollsters will tell you that they take a random sampling that is weighted to reflect the election results. But the truth is that people who answer polls are not, in fact, reflective of the majority of US citizens.

Those on the right are far less trusting of polls and are more likely to refuse to participate and answer questions. So already, we have a poll base that is more left-leaning (whether they describe themselves as Republican or not).

How the polls are carried out is another factor. Many of the polls are carried out online. How many people in deep red states spend their days looking at a computer screen and filling out surveys? Not many, because they are likely too busy working. The fact is, that the people who do online polling are likely to be younger, and as we know from the election, Trump was more popular with older people than younger.

The third factor is dishonest answers. People with lax morals and a little knowledge know that they can manipulate pollsters and make negative waves for The Donald by identifying themselves as other than their real group. If a leftist gets asked, they might say that they are an independent or a Republican supporter rather than a Democrat because they know f they then give a negative view of trump, it will make him look worse.

Don’t believe polls, believe people you can see showing their love and support in public at rallies and events…That is the true measure of the president.