Clinton Calls Trump “Putin’s Puppet”


Former Secretary of State and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has reiterated her views that President Trump is nothing more than Vladimir Putin’s puppet. This comes fast on the heels of President Trump suggesting that she try again in 3 years time to take the presidency.

She said:

“I don’t know how the president of the United States, with all of the concerns about the integrity of our elections, could meet with Putin just recently and basically say, ‘Well, you know, he told me again he didn’t do it,’ ”

“I can’t believe that he’s so naive,” Clinton said in the interview, regarding Trump’s comments. “I think that he hopes or expects the rest of us to be naive, or at least the people who support him to be naive. But this is a serious cyberattack on America.”

The root of her argument is that she won the popular vote but that Trump won the electoral college vote. Since this, the DNC has been asking for an overhaul of the EC system. But the reality is that if we dismissed the EC, all elections would be decided by just a handful of cities…And these cities are not actually representative of the nation as a whole.

If it were scrapped, then all elections would be decided by cities in California and other large population centers.

It is not a reaction to “injustice” it is a reaction to losing. If Clinton had won the electoral college and not the popular vote, she would have been defending it on these very principles.