Friday, July 1, 2022
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US Ready to Fight in Syria Without UN Help

US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, has made the American position very clear: “With the unity of this council, or alone, unrestrained by Russia’s obstructionism, we will continue to fight for justice and accountability in Syria,”  she said.  The UN could only look on aghast that a country dare take action it feels just without the UN’s approval. Nu the reality is, the UN is no an ally of America, and they do not act without considering their own power struggle first.
While we could all hope for a peaceful resolution in Syria, it is not going to happen. So that leaves the US three choices.
Numebr one, let the regime carry on with what it’s doing, ignore the deaths, torture and murders that are takig place.
Number two, is to wait for the UN to get together, talk, talk some more, then talk some more, and in the end be told that the UN doesn’t want to do anything because it might upset Syria’s allies on the council.
Or number three, bite the bullet and get in there to sort this mess out. W would hope this doesn’t involve boots on the ground, but we could set up safe zones, cover fire, missile strikes, any number of things that do not endanger American lives directly, yet still help to end the mess.
If we don’t help out. Who will?

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