Hispanic Caucus Rejects Republican – Partisan Much?


Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo has been denied membership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus leading many to question whether it is really a movement to promote equality for Hispanics, or just another Democrat institution determined to seize power no matter what.

Curbelo is deeply disappointed that the Democrats are blocking our Hispanics from a Hispanic group because they have different political beliefs. He said:“I think it was pre-cooked,” Curbelo said in an interview Thursday afternoon. “I will stand up to bigotry and discrimination no matter whether it comes from the right, the left, the middle.”

This must lead to questions about the propriety of these House Caucuses. Are they really aimed at promoting equality, or are they just political tools to steal seats? Curbelo represents a heavily Latino area, and as such, should have access to the group’s resources and support…But it is ONLY Democrats who are in the group. Hardly bipartisan!

“I will not allow their bigotry and discrimination and pension for segregation to hurt the young people they claim they want to help and I certainly want to help.” If the caucus is not willing to give Hispanics the tools to help Hispanics, then they need to be shut down and not given access to “extra resources and funding” like they are right now.

Aren’t you sick of partisan politicians putting party before country? It is the malady of America today.