Republicans Threaten Major Rule Change!


In recent years, never has so much been done to prevent political appointments than is being done right now! The Democrats are stretching out the full 30 hour debate time on each and every appointment being put forward by President Trump. Under the Obama and Bush regimes, by this time in their presidency, they were 200 + appointments ahead…And this wasn’t because they were more productive, it was because there was not “The Resistance” in place.

To combat this, top Republicans are threatening to change the rules. They have already used “the nuclear option” once in this term, making it only a simple majority needed to get SCOTUS nomination Neil Gorsuch in place. This time, they are threatening to reduce the 30 hour rule down to just 8. This means that they could theoretically appoint one person a day.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Tex) said: “I think the appropriate thing [is] to try to do it through regular order, first through the Rules Committee, to see how far that goes. … Failing that, then there are procedures that are available to change the Senate rules post-cloture.”

The fact that it has become necessary to threaten this shows that the DNC is clearly trying to stop the business of government from taking place in favor of party politics. They are sacrificing the well-being of America for petty obfuscation.

It’s time to put country before party!