Did the Dems Win Big? Or Was this a Warning to the GOP?


As the media gleefully report that Democrat candidates have won both governor races in Virginia and New Jersey (along with other Mayoral positions and local seats), the big networks are painting this as a repudiation of President Trump and his policies. But are they right?

First, let’s look at the major picture. The Democrats are saying that the people have rejected “hate” epitomized by President Trump. This is not the only elections we’ve had since the president took office, so would it be right to say that 80 of the time, the people rejected liberal idiocy? Or would it be fair to say that a 4-1 victory to Trump is a win for the left?

But let’s look even closer at the numbers. This was clearly a rejection of the GOP in these states, but then again, these states all voted overwhelmingly for Hillary…They had done their rejection long ago.

But the real story here is that it is the GOP that lost, not the president. In the Virginia race, GOP candidate Ed Gillespie refused to campaign with the president, believing he had a better chance without him. Yet Jil Vogel, who openly embraced the president’s┬ápolicies and the man himself, outperformed Gilespie buy 1tens of thousands of votes. Does this sound like a rejection of Trump, or the GOP?

The GOP has had a warning They need to get fully behind the president or risk losing it all in 2018.