Man Who Shot Texas Gunman: Hero and NRA Instructor


The horrendous shooting at a SanAntonia Baptist church by Devin Kelley that left 26 dead and many more wounded was brought to an abrupt halt by a local man who chased and engaged in a gunfight with the killer.

Stephen Willeford heard the shots being fired and realized immediately that something bad was happening. He took his legally owned rifle out of the safe, loaded a magazine and went out.

He and Kelley exchanged shots, and then Kelley fled. Willeford hailed a car and gave chase, the two men exchanged more shots.Ending with Kelley being shot dead.

Willeford is an NRA instructor, he said: “I’m no hero; I am not. I think my God, my Lord, protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done. And I just wish I could have got there faster.”

And this is the important point. Knowing how to safely and securely use a firearm may have prevented many more deaths. Who knows what would have happened with Kelley if he had not been confronted?

Willfors was well-trained in how to use a weapon, and no doubt followed NRA safety regulations (as we know, he kept his rifle in the safe, unloaded), so why is there such a backlash against the NRA?

Kelley on the other hand, was not legally allowed to own a firearm, his was obtained illegally. So if the left want to argue about changing gun laws, shouldn’t they only be looking at sterner punishment for those who sell guns illegally? We were lucky that someone in the area knew how to use a weapon properly, perhaps the answer is for more training and encouragement in safely using weapons?