Virginia is a Win Win for Trump Regardless the Outcome


The Virginia election for Governor takes place tomorrow. Both sides have been pushing their favorite polls to show that they are in the lead (when in reality, polling is so messed up and massaged that nobody really knows the truth), and voters are making their final decision.

Ed Gillespie (GOP) has fought a tough campaign, promising to deal with immigration, gangs, and a whole host of other issues, whilst his opponent has basically just tried to disparage Ed. Not much in the way of a campaign, but with the DNC, this is the best you can expect.

But what everyone fails to realize is that for President Trump, this cannot fail. It will be a win-win situation whatever happens.

Gillespie Wins: Trump can claim a victory over the Democrats and state that the people are rejecting them and their policies. DNC chair Tom Perez will likely step down (casting the party into even more turmoil) as he bet his reputation on at least one win for the left. And even more big donors leave the DNC for friendlier (and more successful climes).

Gillespie Loses: President Trump can rightly claim that Gillespie shunned him during the campaign. The Gillespie camp decided not to utilize the president because they thought it would make the left come out in greater force. If Gillespie loses, Trump can honestly say that it was because they didn’t want him involved…Look where it got them!

So the president can sit back and wait to see what happens. Either way, President Trump is Winning!