Trump Goes After “Tyrants and Dictators” as Japan Visit Begins


For the first day of President Donald Trump’s 12-day tour of Asia, he landed in Japan to much fanfare from not only the Japanese but also the American military personnel at the Yokota base in Tokyo.

In a rousing speech to troops, he thanked them for their service and assured them that he and the U.S. were behind them 100%. He made it very clear that the role they are filling is vitally important to the protection of all nations. In a swipe at the North Korean dictator

“History has proven over and over that the road of the tyrant is a steady march towards poverty, suffering, and servitude,” Trump said. “But the path of strong nations and free peoples, certain of their values and confident in their futures, is a proven path to prosperity and peace.”

He even exchanged his jacket for a flight jacket presented to him, he said, “I like this one better.”

It is so important that right now the men and women who put their lives n the line know that not only the president supports them, but also the people back home. With constant attacks from the left about “killers” and “military terrorists” these guys and gals must be feeling pretty down.

The president’s visit will reinforce them and let them know that America is truly behind them.