Poll: Trump Voters Still Support EVEN IF Russian Collusion Proven


The latest poll from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling group suggests that almost 80% of Trump voters would continue to support the president even if evidence of Russian collusion were found. And while it is arguable that the polling data is already biased (far more Democrats and independents than Republicans polled), this shows one thing very clearly: It is the MAGA platform that the people support and they don’t care who delivers it.

This can be shown through the recent Alabama Republican primary in which (temporary) incumbent Luther Strange, despite being endorsed by the president, lost out to a candidate that was very cleary on the MAGA train. In fact, the GOP spent tens of millions actually fighting against the winner Judge Roy Moore to no avail.

With the 2018 elections fast approaching, the media in collusion with the Democrats have been trying to paint the MAGA platform as code language for white supremacy, but in reality, it is essentially just a Jacksonian vision for dealing with the outside world.

MAGA says that the U.S needs a strong military to show the world to ensure that she remains safe. And more importantly, that we don’t send our military into reckless and costly wars that have little to do with American security.

Interventionists like Hillary Clinton, George Bush (both of them) and Barack Obama have overseen America being dragged into wars in far-off lands with no benefit to the American people and at a huge loss of life for us.

The American people want security, peace, and stability. And the only person offering this is President Donald Trump under the MAGA platform. And this is why he’ll win.