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Today's The Day – Mueller Launches Charges

After months of investigations going nowhere and chasing every shadow that the Democrats and the Deep State have thrown at him, special counsel Robert Mueller looks as if he may be about to make some moves.
As we reported before, members of Mueller’s team went before a federal grand jury to request charges be brought (which as far as I know, it is illegal to publicize this) and that “sweeps” will be made today. But what are the likely outcomes?

  1. It’s a Nothing Burger: Someone will be arrested that nobody has ever heard of and who was only tangentially connected to the Trump Campaign. The charges will be spurious and have nothing to do with fixing or influencing elections…More likely some kind of scam involving a single property.
  2. It will be a heavy hitter arrest: And then this person will likely be released, left under a cloud, and then finally, after months of anguish and media slathering, exonerated fully.
  3. It’s a Democrat: This would be the best possible (and most entertaining outcome). After his months of investigation and millions of dollars spent, the special counsel decided that the only people worth charging with trying to upset American Democracy are Democrats.
  4. There are no charges: The key players have been very quiet in allowing the media to go full-out in their speculation. Is it possible that it will end up being “there are no charges, we never SAID that there were actual charges, just requests for further information and warrants for investigation.”

Whatever the outcome, this has given special counsel Mueller breathing room to sort out his own defense as news emerges that he has millions of dollars tied up in Russian hedge funds that will almost certainly be impacted by the results of his investigation. Why is the MSM ignoring this massive conflict of interest? Is it because he has promised to hand them a head?

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