Spain to Remove Catalan Leaders – Tyranny in Action


Ever since the Catalan region held a referendum on whether it wanted to remain part of Spain, the Spanish government and the European Union have shown their true colors. They are tyrannical and fascist in nature and do not in any way respect the democratic will of the people.

After an emergency meeting with his cabinet, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain announced that he is going to remove the Catalan leadership from office.

He said his government was putting an end to “a unilateral process, contrary to the law and searching for confrontation” because “no government of any democratic country can accept that the law be violated, ignored and changed.”

All the people of Catalan want is to be in control of their own lives and to have a government that actually represents their wishes. The fact that the whole power of the EU has come down on them for this is bad. ut what is worse is the Spanish treatment of those who tried to cast their votes. They were beaten, dragged through the streets and detained. THIS IS EU DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

We need to support the Catalans against this despicable regime. This is a people’s homeland being used as a bank by the Spanish government. Catalan provides more in tax revenue than any other place, and in thanks, the Spanish government has tried to flood the region with non-Catalans to reduce the influence of the natives.