New California Law Will Jail You for Using “Wrong Pronoun”


California just seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of its own creation nowadays. This last week, we have seen lawmakers pass bills that make it no longer a felony to knowingly transmit HIV to another person either through sexual contact or even at the blood bank, and they have also put measures in place to make themselves a “Sanctuary State.”

And if that is not bad enough, you can now be sent to prison for addressing someone by the wrong pronoun. No, this is, unfortunately, not a joke. It is part of a new raft of measures ostensibly aimed at protecting “transgender and other LGBT individuals in hospitals, retirement homes and assisted living facilities.”

It has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

The man behind the bill, Senator Sen. Scott Wiener, has come under fire from some sectors because the language of the bill means that those who don’t use a person’s “preferred name or pronoun, can now face fines and even jail time. Weiner argues that it “will never be used for that.” But this is an unprovable statement.

How does Weiner know what will happen in 10 years time? How does he know that some folk won’t just use this law to punish people they don’t like? He doesn’t…That is the only fact!

It is an illiberal and irresponsible law that will be used to harass and punish people who do not buy into the leftist agenda. It is Orwellian in its scope and it is dangerous. When will the people of California wake up and realize that these “lawmakers” are simply trying to deny their right to think and express themselves?