Watch: Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Christians


A shocking video has been released that shows the owner of a coffee shop refuses service to Christians. It has of course, not been covered by the MSM.

Please be aware that the video contains some very extreme language before watching it.

And here’s the thing: the Christians were not handing out flyers in the coffee shop, and they were literally just drinking coffee. The owner had been informed that the group had been handing out flyers in the area, as they are legally allowed to do.

The owner had been informed by a barista that the group had been distributing flyers earlier in the day.

Do you remember the case of the bakery owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple? In that case, the customers were not insulted or refused service, he simply refused to make a specialized cake…he offered them the option of another cake.

In this case, the owner is refusing service based on their beliefs. Will the courts be as supportive?

The point of a law is that is applied equally to all. If it’s not, then something is seriously wrong. This guy is mean, bitter, and completely intolerant of other’s beliefs and needs to be shown that in society, we all need to accept that people are equal regardless of their opinions.

Will the media back up the group in the same way they did for the gay couple trying to buy a cake? Probably not. And this is the problem. They are so biased and blind, that they will not apply the same standards to each person equally.