IRS Targets Pro-Border Groups! – Political Agenda Exposed!


The tax agency’s inspector general said in an audit released on Thursday that groups are being unfairly targeted by the IRS. Surprise, surprise, the groups impacted are Tea Party, Liberal, and pro-border groups.

Reports show that from 2004 to 2013, groups that are, shall we say, “more libertarian” were purposely audited by the IRS in what one can only imagine was a politicized attempt to apply pressure to their leaders and members.

Of course, the information is “debatable” as to whether it is direct political targeting, but based on what we know from the Louise Lerner scandal and the general attitude to groups that are not part of the “mainstream”, it is highly likely that this was all part of a government-approved attack.

When will people wake up and realise that the government has been working against the freedom of the population for such a long time that it has become pernicious and endemic?

The arms of the state are being used to control, threaten and oppress those who they view as “threats to the status quo,” and this is happening worldwide. People are punished, hounded and tackled at every level of their lives to conform to a belief system that they don’t want.

This is pure and simple tyranny.