Anti-Trump Donors Revealed!


Since before President Trump’s inauguration, there have been active movements working against him both openly and behind closed doors. The MSM has tried to play this out as a “grassroots resistance” to a “tyrant.” But the reality is that all of these groups are well-funded and well-organized by people in power determined to carry on with the agenda that was doled out to the puppet president Obama.

And now we know who is paying for it all!

The Center for Community Change, a Washington, D.C.-based 501 (c)(3), has been receiving massive donations from large corporations to try and fight the MAGA agenda. Why? Because if Donald Trump can succeed, he will cut illegal immigration massively and the mega-corporations will be forced to hire American workers at a wage they can live on.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The Center for Community Change’s largest contribution was $3,000,000 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which was initially created by Will Kellogg, the food manufacturer and founder of Kellogg Company. The Ford Foundation, which was first created by the founders of the Ford Motor Company, added a $2,350,000 donation. The Open Society Foundation, a foundation run by liberal billionaire mega-donor George Soros, gave $1,750,000 to the Center for Community Change.

Other donors to the organization include the California Endowment, which gave $524,500; the Marquerite Casey Foundation, which gave $515,000; Fidelity Charitable Gift, which donated $505,100; and the National Immigration Law Center, which gave $316,000.

This was based on their unredacted 2015 tax returns. And the money is being used to fight Donald Trump.

There is an argument to be made that if immigrants will work for less and be ok, then why shouldn’t Americans. But the difference is that a living wage allows people to become real members of a society and start families. They have a stake in the country by buying a house. Illegal migrants are only doing what they think is best for them, as they should. But it means that they will never become full citizens who can buy a home, raise kids well, and build a proper future. As long as more illegal migrants keep coming in, wage suppression will continue…And then no one has a good shot at a solid future…Least of all them.