Mass Shooting in Vegas


A mass shooting has taken place on the Las Vegas Strip at the Mandalay Bay hotel and resort. So far there are two people known dead, 14 more in critical condition being treated and many others injured.

The police in conjunction with SWAT have “taken down” the shooter who at present is believed to have acted alone.

The shooting took place during a Country Music Festival. Concertgoers report single shots initially and then sustained bursts being fired into the crowd from an upper window (likely from the hotel).

It is, as yet, unknown who the shooter is or what the motivation was. Areas around the hotel including parts of the I-95 have been shut down.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. “Right now we believe it’s a solo act, a lone wolf attacker.”  The suspect, a Las Vegas resident, is reported dead.

As reported by the LA Times:

Bernice Allard, who came to the concert with her husband Frank Allard, said there was screaming when the shooting began. “Single shot. Single shot, then a lot of shots,” Frank Allard said.

Allard, 56, said he had come to see Eric Church and Sam Hunt and Jason Aldean, who was into his fourth or fifth song when the shooting began. He said the crowd began to stampede, and he grabbed a nearby fence, stretched both arms wide and tried to shield his wife from the danger. Then they ran.