Iran Tests Ballistic Missiles – What Happened to Obama’s “Deal”?


Iran’s state media has announced that have successfully launched a ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads and travel up to 2,000km. By putting this out in the world’s media, Iran is clearly challenging President Trump after he signed a bill imposing mandatory penalties on anyone involved in the ballistic programs.

But didn’t Obama pay them around $150 billion to stop doing this kind of thing? They span it as “releasing” assets, but everyone knows that it was a bribe to bolster Obama’s image as a “diplomat.” Newsflash: It’s easy to appear diplomatic when you are literally giving someone billions of dollars that don’t belong to you!

Quite what this latest test will do to already strained relations is unclear, but the reality is that the eU.S. was taken for a ride on this deal in the first place. Iran agreed to not do any nuclear or ballistic programs in return for the money but stipulated that they would not allow foreign inspectors to come and see their research stations. They have been building missiles all along and were just waiting for an opportunity to blame it on someone.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke in Tehran on Friday; he said that Iran would not stop its missile programme and would continue to boost military capabilities, despite US warnings and demands.

“We will strengthen our defence and military capabilities … Whether you want it or not.”

And just weeks ago, Rouhani stated that they would be launching their programs “far in advance” of what they were before…meaning that they had never once stopped working on them. Anyone who blames Donald Trump for this mess is being willfully blind or lying to you. It was a bad deal and it achieved nothing except for making former Presiden Obama look good in the press.