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Trump Supporter Calmly Walks Into Antifa Rally Wearing Israel Flag, Look What Happens

At Boston’s free speech rally, with leftist counter-protests that turned partly violent this last weekend, one man decided to take a stand for his beliefs in the middle of crazed Antifa thugs.
The guy wore a “Make America Great Again” hat and donned an Israeli flag as a cape. He walked right to the audience of Antifa thugs, and instantly was bombarded with profanities and threats.
Univision’s Jessica Weiss captured a video of the incident, whereby the man stayed inspiringly silent, letting the hatred and vitriol in the crazed left-wingers speak for itself.

She asked the guy why he was doing so.
“You should not be scared to go outside and say you are conservative,” he replied. “And it is pretty sad that things like this happen.”
In the event on Saturday, the originally small free speech rally organized by white supremacists and alt-right members was counter-protested by boundless condemnation based on the Washington Examiner.

Thousands of protesters descended on Boston on Saturday, including a “free speech” rally organized by some right-leaning groups. These groups were reportedly far outnumbered by groups of counter-protesters.
All told, law enforcement officials estimated between 30,000 and 40,000 demonstrators.

Although the large majority of those counter-protesters were calm and did not attack anybody, Antifa agitators took advantage of this situation and assaulted police officers and innocent bystanders trying to spread chaos.
They even posted on their social websites that they had been attempting to effectively take over the city.
They even demanded that any Americans on the political Left not looking for the complete destruction of anything good should leave.
This is an inherently totalitarian movement, and anybody who opposes their authoritarian ideas is your enemy. Even mainstream Democrats are the enemy of those fascistic lunatics.
Luckily, the guy who walked through the center of the group of Communist thugs didn’t get attacked. He very well might have been attacked; these scum don’t care about human life or liberty. They want slaves into the State and will kill or attack anybody who gets in their way.
Hence, one of their logos:
They’ve no intention of using the democratic process for their objectives. Most mainstream Democrats at least want to use appropriate legislation to expand the ability of the government over our lives, but these lunatics will literally do anything to set up that the United Soviet States of America.

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