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Chief executive Steve Bannon leaves White House

Steve Bannon is no longer the political advisor of President Donald Trump. The White House announced its resignation on Friday.Chief John Kelly and the 63-year-old Bannon would have agreed that Bannon’s last working day would be this Friday. “We are grateful for his commitment and wish him the best,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Friday.
The president would have decided to let Bannon work together with Kelly a few weeks ago. Bannon would have had the time to orchestrate his departure himself.
The relationship between Trump and the right-wing nationalist Bannon has been tearing since April of this year. According to the media, there was a power struggle in the White House between Bannon and a more moderate faction led by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner has recently become more prominent as the new advisor of the president.
Bannon was the driving force behind some of Trump’s most controversial policies, such as the travel ban for people from several predominantly Islamic countries.
His departure comes at a time when the president is severely under fire because of the way he responded to the demonstration in Charlottesburg. According to the Democrats and many of his own Republicans, Trump would not have condemned right extremism in full.
Trump said about Bannon in April: “I like Steve, but I have to remind you that he was only very late in my campaign. I’m my own strategist, and I do not intend to change my strategies. ”


Bannon is a former banker, businessman, and filmmaker, appointed in 2016 as chief strategist of Trump’s campaign team. Prior to that, he was Chairman of the Board of the Breitbart Conservative, which, under his leadership, became a beacon for the radical right-wing alt-right movement.
The departing top advisor of Trump is known as a political provocateur. He also received a lot of criticism in the past because of alleged racist and anti-Semitic statements.
Bannon has experience with data mining and worked for a Chinese company that generated virtual money in big online games like World of Warcraft.
In his own words, he learned to address Breitbart’s new target group: young, digitally skilled and “unmarried” white men with a love for the right-wing and the military. They then formed the cornerstone of a disruptive but effective campaign on social media.

Dismissal and departure

The White House has a messy month with regard to its staff. On July 28, Trump replaced his chief of staff Reince Priebus by John Kelly.After that, the communications director Anthony Scaramucci was fired.

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