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DOJ Got Full Access to Antifa Database – How Many are Employed by "Foundations"?

The Department of Justice has launched inquiries to get hold of the IP addresses of Antifa Activists under the “rioting or inciting to riot” law. They are aiming for a search warrant that will give them access to 1.3 million people’s information.
And although this may initially seem draconian in its scope, the fact remains that Antifa is not just a rag tag group of people who “believe in something.” They are a well-organised, well-funded group that have branches all over the world.
These groups have received funding from major globalist players like George Soros and from “foundations” set up by former world leaders. They have thousands of people ready to follow orders and have a reputation for making a bad situation even worse.
If links to extremist groups and Corporate money can be identified, then our streets will be a lot safer and people who want to protest (and I’m talking about proper protests here, not thugs out to cause trouble) can do so without being assaulted, attacked or abused.
“Citing a D.C. law regarding rioting or inciting to riot, the purported search warrant encompasses 1.3 million IP addresses, along with the contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of visitors, the blog post states,” the New York Daily News reported.

DreamHost, the web hosting provider for the so-called ANTIFA “resistance,” said on its blog site that the information “could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment.”
Strange, but weren’t the conservative nationalists also trying to express their political speech protected under the same constitutional guarantee? They were summarily denied that right in Charlottesville by ANTIFA street brawlers, together with the police and local government.
Don’t forget. “Racists,” “Nazis,” “white supremacists,” Trump supporters and nationalists aren’t entitled to any rights whatsoever.
ANTIFA social justice warriors are now busy exposing the identities of the right-wing participants in Saturday’s protest in Charlottesville. There have been reports that many of them have been fired by their employers.
As the inciter of violence in Charlottesville and elsewhere, it appears ANTIFA’s year-long spree of creating chaos and mayhem for Trump supporters is coming back seeking brutal justice.

The DOJ is demanding “every piece of information [DreamHost] has about every visitor,” the Daily News report added.
This is a huge development that has massive disruption potential for the ANTIFA war against Confederate monuments, and for the ANTIFA movement itself.
It’s a pleasure to watch these ANTIFA insects struggle like helpless flies, trapped in a web hosting provider database.
May they be publicly outed by the DOJ and fired from their jobs. Those that can even hold down a job, that is.
H/T: US Herald

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