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Antifa Say Republicans Have No Right to First Amendment – CNN Agrees!

Scott Crow, an Antifa organizer, has been speaking with CNN, and what he has to say is chilling in a modern democracy. He suggests that essentially, what he and his groups disagree with should be classed as hate speech and not protected under the First Amendment. Even worse, is that CNN did not seem to have a problem with what he said. You can watch the video yourself below.
CNN reported that “Crow said the philosophy of Antifa is based on the idea of direct action. “The idea in Antifa is that we go where they (right-wingers) go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that.” 
Who gave Antifa the right to decide what is free speech? And who gave CNN the moral high ground to condone this kind of talk?
We have seen so many moments of violence from this group, so much property damage (which they do not consider violence), and so much shutting down of free speech under their watch, yet they remain untouched! 
New Jersey has declared them a hate group, perhaps its time for other to follow suit.
CNN has been accused of siding with Antifa in a recent piece it published describing the violent far-left group.
Many have called out mainstream media before for referring to Antifa members who turned violent as ‘activists’ instead of condemning the violence and calling them what they are, domestic terrorists.
The media correctly called out the events of the alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, when James Alex Fields Jr., 20, drove a car into a crowd of people – which can also be described as domestic terrorism – but the blatant hypocrisy of the media hit an all time high in their refusal to denounce Antifa.
When members of Antifa throw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and other objects at police and anyone who doesn’t agree with them, the media calls them activists and doesn’t report on their violence. However, as soon as someone from the right does something similar, the media jumps straight to labeling everyone on the right “Nazis” and “white supremacists” without condemning or even reporting the actions of domestic terrorists on the left.
In the recent piece by CNN titled “What is Antifa?” the ‘news’ organization describes the far-left group in a positive light and continues to spin the narrative that they’re only ‘activists’. CNN wholly omitted that Antifa has been named a domestic terrorist organization in New Jersey.
“Antifa is short for anti-fascists. The term is used to define a broad group of people whose political beliefs lean toward the left — often the far left — but do not conform with the Democratic Party platform,” CNN explains in the piece. “Antifa positions can be hard to define, but many members support oppressed populations and protest the amassing of wealth by corporations and elites. Some employ radical or militant tactics to get their message across.”
At least CNN admits that certain tactics Antifa employs are “radical” and “militant.” However, no examples are given, no condemnation of such tactics are seen in the piece and they’re certainly not trying to define just how “radical” or “militant” those tactics can be.
“Scott Crow, a longtime Antifa organizer, says the “radical ideals” promoted by Antifas are starting to be adopted by liberals. ‘They would never have looked at (those ideals) before, because they saw us as the enemy as much as the right-wingers,’” CNN writes.
Crow’s words are very important here due to what he says later on in the piece.
“Crow said the philosophy of Antifa is based on the idea of direct action. “The idea in Antifa is that we go where they (right-wingers) go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that,” CNN writes.
This is especially concerning, as well as unsurprising. A “longtime Antifa organizer,” just admitted to CNN that, in essence, ‘right-wingers’ do not have the right to free speech.
“And so we go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because we don’t believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should have a mouthpiece,” Crow continued, while still not differentiating between people on the right side of the political spectrum, and people on the extreme right.
Still, after Crow made this statement, CNN did not dispute what he said in their piece, nor did the news organization show any hint of disagreement, which begs the question, does CNN believe anyone who is ‘right-wing’, which in itself is a vague label that is open to interpretation, should be silenced because of ‘hate speech’?
CNN also explained that Crow and other members of Antifa did not believe that property damage was violence. A view CNN could share considering the lack of condemnation for the Berkeley riots, in which Antifa threw firebombs, smashed windows and was generally violent, which resulted in MILO being unable to speak at the university.
“Crow said members use violence as a means of self-defense and they believe property destruction does not equate to violence,” CNN reports. “‘There is a place for violence. Is that the world that we want to live in? No. Is it the world we want to inhabit? No. Is it the world we want to create? No. But will we push back? Yes,” Crow said.”
It wasn’t just in this piece that CNN continued to remain hypocritical of political violence.
The Gateway Pundit reports that Ana Navarro, who works for CNN, not only defended Antifa but gave a glowing review of their actions during the “Unite the Right” rally.
“No, no, no, no. You can’t say this is both sides of violence,” Navarro claims while talking on a CNN panel. ” What we saw was some white supremacists and then what we saw was some brave people risking their lives and putting themselves in between white supremacists and what they were doing.”
Watch the video below.

H/T: Milo Yiannopoulos

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