With these words, Trump raises the fury of Venezuela


In the midst of the rising conflict with North Korea, President Donald Trump is taking on the fury of even more enemies like Venezuela. He said in a statement on Friday that military intervention is an option to stop the political crisis in Venezuela.

‘Venezuela is not far away. People suffer and die. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary, “said Trump in a press conference during his vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey.

In addition, he refuses any contact with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, as long as democracy in the country has not been restored. At the press conference – which was live on television – Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson and US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley were also present. The three had a meeting soon.

Insane extremist

The words of Trump could count on anger from the Venezuelan government. Foreign Minister Vladimir Padrino called it an “act of insanity”. He calls Trump an ‘extremist’. The White House then announced that Maduro tried to contact Trump by telephone. But he only wants to speak to him when ‘democracy has been restored’ in Venezuela. The Pentagon later indicated that no White Paper has been issued by the White House.

Under Trump, the US government has already taken a number of measures against the socialist regime in Venezuela. Among other things, the funds of a number of leading Venezuelans are frozen, including the funds of the brother of former president Hugo Chávez and a leading advisor to Maduro. According to America, they are co-responsible for ‘policies or measures that undermine the democratic process in Venezuela’. In addition to military intervention, sanctions against the oil industry in the South American country are also being considered.

Chaos in Venezuela

For months, Venezuela has been in chaos for months. The demonstrators protest in the street daily and often clash with the police. There are over thousands of deaths already in the riots and it still remains unstable. The opposition in Venezuela has actually been overridden by Maduro, who declined to step down two years ago despite his election defeat.

For many years, a large part of the population has resisted the regime of Maduro. He is seen as a ruthless dictator who has brought the Venezuelan economy to the edge of the abyss. The government and security services also grow up against the ruler.

A newly elected constitutional assembly has set itself above Parliament. Both the opposition and a growing number of foreign governments refuse to recognize the constitutional assembly as legitimate.