Rep. Keith Ellison Says North Korean Lunatic Kim Jong Un ‘Acts More Responsible’ Than Trump


Rep. Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, on Friday sought to immediately retract claims that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is behaving more responsibly than President Trump.

“North Korea is a serious matter,” Ellison, D-Minn., told attendees at the NetrootsNation conference in a question-and-answer session. “You have this man making bellicose threats against someone else who has very little to shed over there. Kim Jong Un, the world always believed he wasn’t a responsible leader; well, he is acting more responsible than this man is.

“Ellison immediately retracted those opinions in an interview with a Washington Post reporter after leaving the panel.”That was one of the I wish I had not mentioned,” Ellison told the Post.

“It is tailor-made for somebody to abuse. I would say, he’s being incredibly reckless, and he is putting us in a situation where you might have an accidental launch. Ellison warned Trump’s rhetoric could spur Kim to do it first and called for someone to bring “calm to the circumstance, not spiking it.”