China: “If America attacks, we will help North Korea”

china attack

Should the diplomatic conflict between North Korea and the United States lead to a US attack, then China will choose the side of North Korea. That is what the Chinese state newspaper Global Times writes today.

China must do its utmost to ensure that the North Korean regime is maintained, that’s what the Global Times says.

If North Korea comes with a declaration of war, China must remain neutral, the newspaper reports. China blends both countries calmly in the conflict between America and North Korea, which increased again this week.

Repeated violation of China interests

The editorial commentary of the Global Times states that China must face hard countermeasures when Chinese interests are affected by this conflict. The balance of power must remain in balance.

No party should try to prevail in the region. However, China last week, under great pressure from the United States, agreed with new sanctions against North Korea.

Fire and rage

The North Korean government announced Wednesday to prepare an attack on the US military base in Guam.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump said that America is prepared to fight fire and rage. On Thursday he knew that fire and rage were not the right words: he had expressed himself too mildly. Pyongyang also does not warn war rhetoric. “Only violence works against people like Trump,” lets North Korea know. The North Korean state press office called the American president “insane”.