House Republicans Reduce Spending, Work Towards Tax Reform


Despite the lack of progress with healthcare reform, it appears that all hope is not lost with Republicans. According to CNN, the House GOP presented a “Building A Better America” budget earlier today which will decrease regulations, reduce funds going towards social welfare programs, and other detrimental and unnecessary policies enacted by the Democrats. Obviously, many liberals are not pleased with the budget cuts, but America, as a nation, has to stop overspending if we ever want to get out of debt.

According to House budget committee Chairwoman Diane Black, the budget “will lay out a path to balance, promote job creation, give our military the resources they need to protect our nation, and hold Washington accountable. This budget also sets out reconciliation instructions to fix our broken tax code and make long-overdue reforms to mandatory spending.

Despite the merits of the “Building A Better America” budget, House Republicans will have to sell it to conservative House Freedom Caucus members. Many of these people want greater spending reductions and more precise details regarding tax reform. So far, the Speaker of the House, Treasury Secretary, and Senate Republicans are still struggling to eliminate tax credits and fund a tax code rewrite. The House GOP has their work cut out for them, but they will have to find a way.

More details about the Republicans’ plan can be found down below on the Balanced Budget website: