Do Americans Really Want President Trump To Stop Tweeting?


Earlier today, ABC News released a poll alleging that the majority of Americans disapprove of President Trump’s Twitter usage. What they did not mention was the fact that the polls surveyed 35% Democrats, 35% Independents, and only 23% Republicans. The mainstream media is erupting with glee and employing this data as a tool to push their anti-Trump agenda.

Due to the mainstream media’s personal and political vendetta against President Trump, they will not, under any circumstances, recognize the fact that surveying 12% more Democrats AND Independents than Republicans will obviously have a significant impact on the results of the poll.

The American people have habitually utilized social media to share their thoughts on President Trump’s Twitter habits. Unlike polls, these tweets cannot be altered to push any particular agenda:


Despite the deceptive and heavily biased polls released by the mainstream media, many Americans view President Trump’s tweets as refreshing and a relief from the prejudicial fake news being passed as genuine coverage. Quite frankly, the President has the right to free speech, just like every other American. Nobody can censor his Twitter feed or mandate him not to tweet. The mainstream media’s opposition to President Trump’s usage of Twitter stems from their fear that more and more people will begin to listen to him and cease to take the news networks’ misleading reports at face value.