Judge Jeanine Calls Out Liberal Democrats!!!


On Saturday’s Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro accurately called out Democrats on their manic and disturbing behavior that has followed President’s Trump election. With countless news anchors defending and catering to the radical Left, having the outspoken Judge Jeanine pinpoint their fallacies serves as a breath of fresh air:

The Democrats in this country are so freaked out we elected a president who calls it the way he sees it and not the way the so-called mainstream media and political establishment on both sides of the aisle do that they wake up hysterical every day yelling, ‘The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! There is collusion everywhere! America is under attack! Our way of life is coming to an end and Chicken Little and the sky are falling,” she boldly proclaimed.

View her full opening statement here:


Many Americans appreciated Judge Jeanine’s remarks and took to social media to commend her:


In spite of Judge Jeanine’s many supporters and fans, many liberal Democrats did not take too kindly to her message. However, they fail to realize that their violent acts and divisive, duplicitous rhetoric has engendered her points. Perhaps the radical left should calm down and accept that President Trump will be the Commander In Chief for the next eight years. Rioting, looting, baselessly calling for his impeachment, and promoting groundless conspiracy theories is absurd. If Democrats truly care about America, they will stop the crazy antics and work with President Trump for the betterment of this nation.