Speaker Lobby’s Protest For ‘The Right To Bare Arms’ Causes Bipartisan Reaction!


Republican and Democrat congresswomen alike are highly displeased with the current dress code in the Speaker’s lobby where voting sessions and interviews are conducted.

According to CNN, women, whether they are reporters or members of Congress, must wear wear “dresses and blouses with sleeves” if they expect to be granted entry. Likewise, men are also mandated to wear ties and jackets. However, this decree did not sit well with over 30 female lawmakers and on Friday, they boldly expressed their disapproval with the dress code by attending work with sleeveless dresses.

The rules are kind of archaic — if we just went by tradition in this chamber then we wouldn’t have a women’s bathroom off the floor,” declared Democrat Linda Sanchez.

Republican Martha McSally shared similar sentiments: “Before I yield back, I want to point out I’m standing here in my professional attire, which happens to be a sleeveless dress and open-toed shoes.

Following the massive backlash, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan noted that the dress code “could stand to be a bit modernized.” Based on his Thursday statements, the female lawmakers can expect to see changes soon, although a specific date has not yet been listed.

It appears as though the congresswomen got what they wanted. One can only hope that the lawmakers of this nation, male and female alike, will make a speedy return to more pressing matters such as tax reform, building the wall along the Southern border, in addition to repealing and replacing Obamacare. AshLee Strong, national press secretary for Speaker Ryan, urged the congresswomen to “focus on substantive issues.