WikiLeaks Reveals More Clinton Collusion!!!


Yet again, reveals from Wikileaks have unmasked underhanded Democrat schemes that occured during the most recent Presidential election, even dating back to the primaries. Leaked 2015 emails from Hillary Clinton prove that she and her campaign team planned to target Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, as a strategy to sabotage his chances of winning the Democrat nomination, according to Fox News.

I think our first question is how are we going to defeat Sanders. … he’s not who he says he is — gun votes, DSCC money, Jane. There may be other options too but these seem to be the strongest attacks to consider. How we undermine Sanders candidacy is our threshold question,” read an email written by a member of Clinton’s campaign staff.

Further details highlight Jane Sanders’ college scandals and discuss the means in which her impropriety could be employed to discredit her husband. The investigation into Jane Sanders began in January 2016 when she allegedly botched a $10 million dollar loan deal for Vermont’s Burlington College. Jane later stepped down from her position as the college’s President after learning of the popular belief that she gave false information to secure a loan and therefore defrauded the institution.


Brady Toensing, Vermont chairman for the Trump campaign, had the following to say about Jane Sanders and her involvement with Burlington College’s funds:

Ms. Sanders and her husband have built political careers pontificating against corporate corruption and claiming to want to help the needy. The Diocese, however, actually helps the needy through vital direct services. The loss of $2 million as a result of Ms. Sanders’s apparent misconduct will materially detract from this charitable work and cause significant harm to vulnerable Vermonters.

Apparently, the American people share similar sentiments:



These recent reports should not come as a shock to any person who is familiar with liberalism and American politics. Leftists have gained infamy for their misguided beliefs that they are entitled to other people’s money. Hillary Clinton’s decision to use the aforementioned information as a tool to sink Sanders’ campaign should not surprise anyone either.

More news about the Jane Sanders investigation is yet to come.