President Trump Compliments French First Lady, Mainstream Media Goes Nuts!!!


Yesterday, the liberal mainstream media went nuts after learning that President Trump paid the French First Lady Brigitte Macron a genuine compliment. According to NBC News, President Trump was videotapped in Paris, telling Mrs. Macron that she was “in such good shape.”


He later then referred to Mrs. Macron as “beautiful” before departing with her husband. While the French President and First Lady seemed to have no issue with Mr. Trump’s statements, the liberal media slammed labeled President Trump’s compliments as “creepy.

It truly appears as though the President cannot open his mouth without being critiziced by someone. Had he said nothing at all, his detractors would claim he was “rude” or “short.” The news networks have made their personal and political vendetta against President Trump quite clear.

Americans weighed in on President Trump’s warm remarks towards the French First Lady:


What do you think of President Trump’s remarks about Mrs. Macron? Were they flattering or inappropriate? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.