412 People BUSTED In Biggest Healthcare Fraud Schemes Ever!


Earlier today, Americans learned that a shocking total of 412 individuals knowingly and willfully engaged in massive opioid scams and healthcare fraud, based on reports from Yahoo News. These gyps engendered $1.3 billion dollars worth of corrupt charges and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is calling it the “largest health care fraud takedown operation in American history.” Furthermore, these revelations indicate that a plethora of trusted persons in healthcare deliberately chose to prioritize monetary avarice over the sworn statements taken when they became doctors, pharmacists, and nurses.


Of the 412 charged persons, six of them are from Michigan. Apparently, these Michigan doctors are guilty of concoting fradulent schemes to authorize opioids for patients.

Even more shocking is the fact that Florida practitioners essentially coerced patients who suffered from addiction into visiting strip clubs which later engendered nearly $60 million dollars worth of unnecessary medical care.

Attorney General Sessions admonished the charged individuals, declaring that their misdeeds negatively impacted taxpayers, patients, while enabling and creating new addictions.

According to the Justice Department, the persons being indicted abused healthcare programs by unlawfully charging Medicare and Medicaid members, including military families. These corrupt medical practitioners ought to be completely ashamed of themselves. The accused doctors, pharmacists, and nurses are also being inculpated because they charged Medicare and Medicaid for drugs which were never even given to the patients. This story is unfortunate and Attorney General Sessions has assured everyone that these dishonest medical practitioners will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.