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How To Fight the Extremists?

In the ancient part of Mosul there is a horrible war going on. The battle against Islamic terrorism is getting stronger today. IS warriors resist everything they have. The city is still not completely liberated from the jihadists. And in the vicinity of Raqqa the battle has just begun. There is a long way to go before Raqqa is released from the jihadists.
Not only in the Middle East, even in our Western cities is being fought against jihadists. Weekly terror attacks are arrested in Europe every week. It isn’t easy as those terrorist lay low and lives just between the normal population.
This week it became known that an arsenal weapon was occupied in Europe. Last Tuesday, the police discovered three Kalashnikovs, fifteen Kalashnikovs, a riot gun, three weapons of ammunition, radios, bulletproof vests, a blue floodlight and two police uniforms during a series of searches in a garage in the Brussels municipality of Anderlecht. Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

Jihadists hide in multicultural neighborhoods

Belgian success is not a coincidence. That is the result of cooperation with the French intelligence services. These weapons would be used for attacks in or outside of Belgium. The Belgian police and security services are looking for a number of suspects who had connections with the Brussels network. That network launched a massacre in Brussels last year. These suspects still run freely.
The jihadists are everywhere. They hide in the multicultural neighborhoods where many Muslims live. The French fear that jihadists on the French national holiday Quatorze Juillet (July 14) commit one or more attacks in French cities. In 2016, an Islamic terrorist in Nice drew a massacre: with a truck, he rode on a party of celebration. In addition, more than 80 citizens died.
Day and night, European police and intelligence services are busy dismantling jihad groups or disabling individuals who can attack. The anti-terrorist struggle is the most intense and massive battle in Europe. This is a new reality for European police forces. Never before, the European states face terrorism on such a large scale. The greatest complexity of the fight against Islamic terrorism is that the suspects can hide in certain neighborhoods. They are not betrayed by their surroundings.

Every day, someone is turning to jihadism

And it does not stop. Why? Because of every day somewhere in Europe, someone turns into jihadism. The dawa (invitation to Islam) casts out its bitter fruit: “Among the Jihadi’s who have traveled to Syria and Iraq since 2012 are relatively many who returned: 17 percent. That percentage is seven times as high as the proportion of converts in the entire European Muslim community. ‘
That’s how you see the connection between dawa and jihad. The converts are at great risk, also for other Western countries. An English Jihadi may travel to America for an attack. They are hard to trace for other countries. Religious freedom is currently the most dangerous fundamental right in the world. But the salafic dawa continues undisturbed. Politicians do not mind it.

Everything has been tried to accommodate the enemy

We are constantly busy understanding the enemy. We need to know what their driving forces are. Regularly I hear the question why they hate us. But the enemy himself tells about the nature, extent, and gravity of the jihad to the West. Apparently, the West attaches little value to the statements of jihadists. Since 9/11, generations of politicians and policymakers have been an enemy in the eyes of extremists.
Everything has been tried and done: the Islam-friendly message (former President Barack Obama), the investment in the old neighborhoods where many Jihadists live, more space for Islam in public space ( Almost all Western political parties) et cetera. Nevertheless, non-western Muslims and converts are being recruited for the jihad.
We understand exactly who and what the enemy is. They are extremists. They are ready to go to the end of fighting the unbelievers. What we need to learn is how to fight the enemy. That is the job of police and intelligence services. But immigration services must also learn to fight the enemy by deploying them.
Without the use of police and intelligence services, many more attacks would have been committed in America. Therefore, police and intelligence officials deserve our respect and support. They must be honored for their commitment to the fight against Islamic terrorism.

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