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Isis threatens with attacks in America 'like in Paris' they claim in a video.

In a video message, ISIS threatens with attacks in America ‘like in Paris’ they claim in a
video. Their message: ‘Paris is not far from you’
The Al-Thabat Media Group, affiliated with ISIS, released a video threatened with attacks in the United States. In the video, the attacks are mirrored like ‘in Paris’, which also reports the generally well-informed SITE Intelgroup.

We will attack you soon

In the video from The media agency’s (Constancy) / ‘Constantness’ is first refered to the fights in the self-named Caliphate of the terrorists, including the famous statues of historical dramas. Thereafter, threats are spoken by an English-speaking man. “Paris is not far from you. We will, by the grace of Allah, do what we did in Paris too. We will kill, kill, and burn people. ” While images of ‘Paris’ are shown, the man continues, ‘We will attack you soon’.

Deafening of ‘soldiers of Bashar’

The video ends with the decapitation of a series of men called “Bashar soldiers.” The fragment is from the video showing the decapitation of custodian Peter Kassig, images from 2014. The robber, Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John), directed himself in that video for the executions “We will be in your streets, your people Go to sleep “. A message that is being repeated in this video.

Video Treat Isis

‘Risk in Europa has never been so high in 10 years’

The head of the European Police Organization Europol warns of large-scale attacks by Islamic state supporters (ISIS). In the German Osnabrücker Zeitung, Rob Wainright says that the risk of a European attack in ten years has not been so great.
According to Wainright, the attacks in Paris in November 2015 showed that the terror of ISIS has gained an international dimension. “It is to be expected that ISIS or other religious terrorist groups will commit an attack somewhere in Europe with the aim of making as many victims as possible among citizens,” said the Europol chief.
According to Wainright, the danger is not only for attacks of groups but also of individuals, for example, jihadists returning. Europol estimates that there are currently 3,000 to 5,000 jihadists return in one of the EU countries.

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