Canadian Global Warming Study Cancelled Due to Too Much Ice

A Canadian global warming study had to be canceled due to too much ice!


A Canadian global warming study had to be cancelled after they ran into “Unprecedented ice.” The 17-million four-year-long program is headed by the University of Manitoba. At the 3rd leg of its’ research, the university planned on sending 40 scientists from 5 Canadian universities out into the Bay on the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen. The scientists would then research the contributions of climate change and regulation on the Hudson Bay system.

The trip had to be canceled, however, as the vessel was required by the Candian Coast Guard to rescue people who were stuck in “unprecedented ice conditions.” Several fishing boats and supply ships had become stuck in the ice. David Barber, the lead scientist on the study, claims the unusual ice is a definite sign of global warming:

“It became clear to me very quickly that these weren’t just heavy ice conditions, these were unprecedented ice conditions. We were finding thick multi-year sea ice floes which on level ice were five metres thick… it was much, much thicker and much, much heavier than anything you would expect at that latitude and at that time of year. It was clear it was from the Arctic, I just needed to be among the ice to see it. What was also clear to me was that climate change has caused this event to happen.” – Dr. David Barber

Add this to a growing list of Global Warmists being shut down by ice. Christ Turkey had to call an expedition to the Antartic after his ship got stuck in the ice. The Caitlin Expedition had to abandon their trip to the North Pole because it was colder than they expected. Most recently, David Hempleman Adams had to curtail a voyage due to unexpected ice.

Source: Breitbart