Courtney Love Tears Into Linda Sarsour, Calls Her a Disgrace to Women

Courtney Love took to Twitter to call Linda Sarsour a "Disgrace to Women."


Courtney love, a popular grunge icon and the x-wife of the former Curt Kobain, has taken to Twitter to blast Linda Sarsour. Love calls Sarsour a vile human and a disgrace to women worldwide:

A woman identifying herself as Sarsour’s sister was quick to respond, to which Country Love called Sarsour a fraud:

Sarsour herself would eventually respond by accusing Courtney Love of trying to impress Trump supporters:

A few liberal snowflakes melted over the argument, but they were quickly cleaned up with a paper towel.

Sarsour may want to be careful or it might not be Jennifer’s body they are finding the next time.

Source: Breitbart