Colin Kaepernick’s Career is Likely Over After Seattle Diss

The Seattle Seahawks elected not to sign Colin Kaepernick. Many believe this signals the end of Kaepernick's NFL career.


All eyes were on Seattle this past week. There was speculation that they were going to sign Colin Kaepernick as a backup to Russell Wilson. Pete Carroll had plenty of praise for Kaepernick at a press conference. Everyone was asking the question: Were they going to sign Colin Kaepernick or Austin Davis? We got our answer yesterday when Seattle signed Davis.

The ESPN personalities point out that any NFL team could sign Colin Kaepernick, who has starter talent, for the cost of a 3rd string backup, yet nobody has. It takes them a while, but they finally mention the problem. Colin Kaepernick disrespected America in 2016 when he continually knelt for the singing of our National Anthem. While liberals at companies like CNN may gush over such actions, most people are offended by them.

New York Giants owner John Mara said he’d never received as much hate mail as he did at the height of the Colin Kaepernick incident. Fans are outraged over the possibility of Kaepernick playing for their team. Since fans are one of the most important part of any sport, most owners do not want to upset a large portion of their fanbase by signing Kaepernick.

Some in the media are heartbroken over the fall of an America hater. The New York Daily news wrote an article demanding Roger Goodell make a team sign him. That more than likely isn’t going to happen.

Career Likely Over

We’ve probably seen the last of Colin Kaepernick on the football field. It would take a major even to change this. A team could look to sign Kaepernick if their starting quarterback was injured. However, the longer Kaepernick sits idle, the less likely his chances are to be signed by any NFL team. This could very well be the end of his career.

Source: ESPN