Video: CNN & BBC Caught Staging Muslim Protest Against London Terror Attack

A video has surfaced online of CNN staging protests to make it appear as if Muslims were protesting the London terror Attacks.


It seems that CNN intends to take “fake news” to a whole new level. Newly released video suggests CNN staged a Muslim protest to make it appear that Muslims were protesting against the London terror attacks. In the video you can see CNN’s Becky Anderson setting up and directing a group of Muslims. They are made to appear as if they are protesting the terror attacks:

This is the actual video CNN aired, the above portion is at the end:


This group of Muslim protesters also appear for the BBC. Are they hired professionals? British journalist Katie Hopkins is asking why this same protest group seems to be shown by the BBC:

What’s going on with CNN and the BBC in London? Why are they staging protests to sympathize with Islam? Is this journalism?

Source: Young Cons