Sobbing Kathy Griffin Blames “Old White Men” For Her Crumbling Career

Kathy Griffin held a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom. They gave an interesting explanation to why her career is in turmoil.


Kathy Griffin believes old white men are the root of all her problems. During a press conference held with her attorney Lisa Bloom, Griffin said “Old white men were trying to silence her.” Griffin also seemed to blame Donald Trump claiming his family was trying to ruin her life. She feels that her career is over, and while holding back tears, claimed Donald Trump broke her. Griffin believes she is the victim, and Donald Trump is the aggressor:

Important Video Times

  • 1:01:56 – “He (Trump) Broke Me”
  • 1:02:59- “there’s a bunch of old white guys trying to censor me”

Griffin also believes the outcome would have been different if a male took the same photo. Griffin believes the only reason millions of people were offended by her holding a severed Donald Trump head is because she’s a woman.

Somehow in Kathy Griffin’s mind she’s the victim. She took a picture holding a severed head of a US President, yet she’s the victim because she’s a woman.

Many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure for the press conference:

Comedians are supposed to make you laugh, I guess Kathy Griffin is a good comedian. I’m finding the collapse of her career quite funny.

Source: Breitbart