Daily Mail Report Exposes Facebook Moderation System, is it What You Expected?

A Dailymail.uk investigation reveals who moderates posts on Facebook when someone reports them.


It’s a question many of us have asked for several years, and now thanks to the Daily mail, we have our answer. Any time we’ve had a post banned, a page deleted, or a group unpublished for a trivial reason, we always ask ourselves the question, who moderates Facebook? According to the Daily Mail, a group of 4500 young Filipinos who are paid $2.33 an hour.

The workers are forced to work grueling shifts for little pay. Most have very limited English, yet they are only given a few seconds to determine if your content stays or gets removed. The workers are given incentives, if they do not moderate enough content they lose their job:

“The moderators have to check posts that have been flagged up and make a snap judgement on whether they should be taken down.” – Ex-manager

Five employees interviewed by the MoS said moderators at Accenture’s Manila office earned starting monthly salaries of $483 a month for a six-day week of eight-hour shifts. One ex-manager who helped recruit Facebook moderators said staff were often traumatized by material.

Facebook uses a professional services firm called Accenture to outsource some of its moderation. The company hires staff in the Philippines. Many last less than a year. The job is considered very stressful.

Accenture has since denied the salary figures, however they failed to provide any alternative information. They claim they hire ‘college graduates, experienced hires, provide intensive training and pay competitive wages.’

Facebook released a statement claiming they will review the services provided by Accenture:

“We’ve built a global network of operations centers to work 24/7 so that we have people in the right country with the right language and cultural skills to review reports. We recognize this work can be difficult, which is why our contracts with partners stipulate that wellness and psychological support must be provided. We will be reviewing the services provided by Accenture to ensure they meet our standards.” – Facebook

Source: Daily Mail