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Ratings Shocker: Fox News Drops to 3rd For First Time in 17 Years

Fox News has dropped to 3rd place in viewership for the first time in 17 years.

Many have wondered how Fox News would fare in light of all the recent scandals, now those people may have an answer. Fox News has dropped to 3rd place in the coveted primetime demographic of viewers aged 25-54. This is the first time Fox News has dropped this far in 17 years. MSNBC beat Fox News and took the top spot for the demographic, while CNN finished second. Let that sink in for a moment, MSNBC beat Fox News. That’s hard to believe, it wasn’t too long ago that MSNBC was the punchline of several low ratings jokes, now they are beating Fox News.
The last time Fox News finished third behind both MSNBC and CNN was the week of June 9, 2000. During the week of May 15-19, 2017, MSNBC averaged 2.44 million total viewers and 611,000 demo viewers during primetime hours. Fox News, averaged in 2.41 million and 497,000.

Top 10:

Total Viewers (8-11 p.m. average)
1. TNT 3.177 million
2. MSNBC 2.440
3. FOXNC 2.405
4. CNN 1.649
5. USA 1.421
6. NBCSN 1.342
7. TBS 1.325
8. NICK 1.312
9. HGTV 1.251
10. ESPN 1.239
A25-54 (8-11 p.m. average)
1. TNT 1.612
2. TBS 711,000
3. NBCSN 685,000
4. USA 617,000
5. MSNBC 611,000
6. CNN 589,000
7. ESPN 569,000
8. FOXNC 497,000
9. HIST 470,000
10. DISC 457,000
It appears the changes are finally catching up with Fox News. They weathered the Megyn Kelly storm with Tucker Carlson, they still pulled in viewers when sexual harassment scandals broke, but they have not been able to compensate for Bill O’Reilly. The network has dropped to 3rd place for the first time in 17 years after firing him over previous sexual harassment lawsuits.

Now the only way they can stop the bleeding is by finding a replacement. Tucker Carlson was a good replacement for Megyn Kelly, however, “The Five” does not seem to be working out as a replacement for Bill O’Reilly. Maybe it’s too soon to say, but breaking a 17-year record for low viewership is definitely not a good sign.
Source: Breitbart


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