Video: Army Veteran Beaten in Broad Daylight, Service Dog Stolen

A New York Veteran who served in Afghanistan was viciously beaten by attackers who stole his 8-month-old service dog.


An Army veteran from New York is recovering from his injuries after he was viciously beaten while walking his service dog. Robert Lebron took his 8-month-old support dog on a walk Sunday morning. When he returned to his apartment, he was attacked by two unidentified males.

Surveillance video shows the men involved in the attack. One pushes on Lebron which causes him to stumble down the stairs. As this happens, the other man grabs Mala’s leash and runs off with her. The veteran claims he didn’t want to fight because he didn’t know if the attackers were armed:

“I didn’t want to fight. I didn’t know if they had weapons or… anything. I just didn’t want me and my dog getting hurt.” – Lebron

Lebron was an Army Ranger. He signed up right after 9/11. He served his country with honor and pride in Afghanistan. His service dog started a new chapter in his life: healing.

“What she gives me, I can’t get from someone else – not a therapist, not a family member, not a friend. It’s unconditional love.” – Lebron

The veteran says Mala is “one of the most amazing things” that has happened to him. He is devastated at her loss and he hopes that someone will be able to help him find her.

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Lebron says he believes his attacker is an ex-boyfriend of his wife, who he says also attacked him less than a month ago. No arrests have been made at this time

Source: CBS