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SheaMoisture apologizes for being Too "White"

A popular hair care brand was forced to apologize after a commercial featured too many white people.

SheaMoisture apologized for an ad that Snopes calls “Controversial.” Before we get into the story, lets watch the ad:
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I’ve watched the video 3 times and I still can’t seem to find any controversy. However, liberals say the commercial is too white. The commercial sparked outrage from their African-American fan base. Many felt the commercial alienated their customers. SheaMoisture, A black owned business, eventually had to apologize for being too white:

This isn’t the first time SheaMoisture has been accused of trying to market to white people. In February 2015, the brand faced criticism for using a white baby in a social media post. Recently the brand was criticized for “rebranding their products’ ingredients to benefit white consumers.” Apparently it is now a crime in America to market your product to white people?

Paying the price

The above video was all it took to trigger thousands of snowflakes. Their reputation on Facebook is now a 2.6 after they were hit with hundreds of negative reviews.

They have been getting slammed in the reviews:

Some users are defending the brand:

However people who dare defend the brand were immediately met with racist anti-white comments from SheaMoisture’s predominately African-american fanbase:

One must wonder, who are the real racists here?
Source: Snopes


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