Video: Antifa Protesters Try to Terrorize Disabled Veteran, Vet Stands His Ground


Disturbing video footage has recently emerged of antifa protesters harassing a disabled War Veteran. The language used in the video is quite explicit, we had to bleep out quite a few words. The video beings with a young hipster antifa protester yelling in a disabled veteran’s face for no apparent reason. The antifa protester has the nerve to call the disabled veteran anti-American. The veteran is obviously shocked by the accusation, he calls the protester a “Dumb B*stard.”

The situation escalates as the antifa protester and veteran continue to yell at each other. More and more people from both sides appear behind the protester and veteran. For a moment it looks like an all out war is going to break out. Eventually a reporter says “You are watching live from Berkeley University.” After this the video ends.

It is not known what happened after the video stopped. There were no reports of an injured disabled veteran. We believe he made it out fine and is ok.

Source: Youtube