Wash Your Liberal Tears Away at America’s First Snowflake Bar in NYC

You can wash your liberal tears away at America's first Snowflake bar in New York City.


Wash your liberal tears away while paying to kill unborn babies. That’s what you can do at the new snowflake bar in New York City. The “Coup”, located near Astor Place, is an Anti-Trump bar that donates 100% of profits to liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union. The head snowflake, Ravi DeRossi , describes how he was permanently traumatized when he found out Trump won the election:

“That election really took a toll on me, because I didn’t really think there was a chance that the current administration would actually win. So on that fateful day, I just sank into this crazy depression, I couldn’t get out of bed. It was like being in junior high school and being bullied constantly.” – DeRossi

When patrons purchase drinks at the Snowflake Coup, they are given a snowflake token. Patrons can then take their snowflake token and place it in the jar that represents the charity of their choice. While it might sound like a great idea, I couldn’t think of any reason why I’d want to stand around a bunch of drunk liberals trying to figure out what social justice
charity they want to donate to.

This is DeRossi’s latest project after he converted several of his businesses to “Vegan outposts.” He closed The Bourgeois Pig, switched over the menus at Mother of Peal and Cienfuegos, and opened Avant Garden and Ladybird. Now he’s trying to take liberalism a step further by opening the “Coup.”

I hope they have good air conditioning, if someone were to talk in that bar with a #MAGA hat, hundreds of snowflakes might melt….

Source: Wmagazine