Combat Veteran Turned Missionary Dies Saving Drowning Child

A 35-year-old combat veteran sacrificed his life to save a child while he was serving as a missionary.


Tim Warren was a combat engineer. His job was very dangerous, disarming explosive devices to clear the way for infantry. He survived 3 explosions during tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He saved countless American lives during both tours, he would die saving his final life while serving as a missionary.

Adams grew up in Warren, he had a reputation for being very humble and caring. He enlisted in the army and fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq. When he returned home he carried some guilt for killing people in the line of service:

“He said, ‘You know, I want to spend the rest of my life not carrying bullets to other parts of the world, but I want to carry the word of God and live out my life serving Christ this way.’” – Pastor Roy Mack

Adams became a missionary at the age of 35. He signed up to be a missionary intern through the Grace Fellowship Church in Niles and Liberty University. He was serving as a missionary in Indonesia on March 5th. Adams and a group of children were swimming off a beach when the water rose quickly above their heads. Adams rushed into the water and put a 6-year-old child on his shoulders to keep him from drowning. The child survived, Adams didn’t.

“He stayed out to get the kids in and he sacrificed himself for a 6-year-old. In fact, Daniel still had Tim’s hat in his hand. He had put him up on his shoulders to keep him from going under and I mean, literally, just gave his life to make sure that little boy had a life to go to” Pastor Mack

Adams’ brother was not surprised he died saving a life. The funeral service for Tim Adams will be held 10 a.m. Saturday at Grace Fellowship Church. It will be done with full military honors.

Source: WKBN