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Bill O'Reilly Lets Black Lives Matter Have it by Comparing them To This

Bill O'Reilly wasn't very pleased with #blacklivesmatter after they used violence to silence Heather Mac Donald.

Bill O’Reilly was not pleased with #blacklivesmatter. Recently #blacklivesmatter used violence to silence Heather Mac Donald. Mac Donald was scheduled to speak at Claremont but #blacklivesmatter protesters used ‘brute, totalitarian force’ to stop her. It got so bad Mac Donald had to live stream her speech from an undisclosed location due to concerns for her safety:



O’Reilly had Mac Donald on The O’Reilly factor last night. O’Reilly asks her a few questions about the incident. Mac Donald mentions the French Revolution which reminds O’Reilly of Munich in the late 20’s. O’Reilly then suggests there is no difference between Nazis and Black lives matter activists:



BILL O’REILLY (HOST): So, you said the French revolution, this reminded me of Munich in the late 1920s, early 1930s. Where if you went up against the Nazi orthodoxy just starting to rise, they’d beat you up. You couldn’t speak. Is there any difference?
HEATHER MAC DONALD: The irony here is these people go under the moniker of antifascists. Can you imagine if conservatives tried shut down Elizabeth Warren from speaking? The fascist term would be thrown around promiscuously followed immediately by misogynist. Instead, this sort of thing gets no attention from The New York Times. But this is the very definition of fascist behavior, not only are they shutting me up, I can deal with that. But they are not allowing their fellow students to hear a range of views through the sheer exercise of brute force.


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Source: Media Matters

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