[WATCH] Illegal Tries to Murder Police Officer, Officer Wouldn’t Shoot Over Fear of Backlash?

A man illegally in the country tried to murder a Florida police officer during a burglary incident that took place in a jewellery store.


An illegal immigrant is being held by border agents after he tried to kill a Bradenton police office. Lt. William Weldon was responding to a burglar alarm at Joyeria Latina (Latin Jewelry) on Sunday morning. While en-route to the business, the alarm company told police it was a false alarm. Weldon enters the store casually thinking there was no reason for concern. This is when he comes face to face with Isaac Hernandez.

At 4AM in the morning Hernandez broke through thee front glass door of the business and began ransacking the store. Officer Weldon shows up with his gun drawn. Hernandez fools the officer, making it appear as if he was going to give up. As soon as Weldon holsters his gun, Hernandez attacks.

Hernandez puts Weldon in a headlock and the two begin to fight in the middle of the store. For more than 2 minutes the officer struggles. During the altercation Hernandez tried to gouge the officers eyes out. Hernandez also tried to grab the officer’s gun.

“This guy he didn’t want to give up. He was hitting the cop and hitting him, hitting him, and hitting him. The officer got so tired. We can see it in the video we feel so bad about it. ” – Store Owner

After about 2 minutes, officer Weldon gets the upper hand and pistol whips Hernandez. Officer Weldon suffered facial injuries but will be ok. Hernandez on the other hand is in the country illegally. He is currently being held by border agents.

Officer afraid to shoot?

During the interview, officer Weldon mentions he could have shot Hernandez. Weldon also says he feels that “Lethal force would have been justified.” This implies that justification of the shooting must of been running through Weldon’s mind as he struggled with Hernandez. Weldon says lethal force is only to be used as a last resort:

“I feel that I would have been justified in shooting him, however deadly force is to be used as a last restore” – Officer Weldon

Now you can see the effect the liberal media and #blacklivesmatter have on police. It is so bad in America now that police have to constantly think about justifying a shooting, even when they are struggling with an illegal immigrant who is trying to kill them.

Source: ABC Action News